Asian Heritage Month

The Library is recognizing this month with a window display and book display of authors of Asian descent. This year's theme is: "Passing it Forward: Culture Through the Generations" and in the window can be found brief biography/photo cards of Asian Canadians who have made their mark in the arts. 

The window display also features books/information sheets about the contribution of Chinese Canadians to the building of the Canadian Pacific Railroad, the internment of Japanese Canadians during World War II and the Vietnamese Boat People coming to Canada. Learn more about these events viewing the following videos.

Heritage Canada Minutes

Nitro (Chinese Canadians Building the Canadian Pacific Railroad)

Japanese Canadian Internment

Boat People Refugees


Additional videos

Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit (Excerpt) - Chinese Labour in Constructing the Canadian Pacific Railway

Japanese Canadian Internment (narrated by David Suzuki and produced by Legion Magazine)

Remembering the Journey to Canada of Vietnamese Refugees